Winter Clinic Series

This year we will offer two separate 4-weeks sessions.  This will allow us to focus on more individual development of the players and give coaches more one-on-one time.  It also allows us to serve more of our membership (we’re always turning folks away due to limited space available for this type of training).  Each session is limited to 20 players in the appropriate age group only. 


All Winter Clinics will be held @

22630 Gregory Dr, Leonardtown, Maryland 20650



Our coaching staff for this year’s clinics will be as follows:


Josh Crowder

Program Coordinator
USSF "D" License
NSCAA National Diploma
Currently coaching
RecPlus and
U15 SMU Furies

Our sessions this Winter will be as follows: 

Session I Dates Time Registration
U5 Winter Clinic Session I (Aug.1, 2009 thru July 31, 2011) Jan. 10
Jan. 17
Jan. 24
Jan. 31
1030am - 1120am
U6 Winter Clinic Session I (Aug.1, 2008 thru July 31, 2009) 1130am - 1220pm
U7 Winter Clinic Session I (Aug.1, 2007 thru July 31, 2008) 1230pm - 120pm


Session II

Dates Time Registration
U5 Winter Clinic Session II (Aug.1, 2009 thru July 31, 2011) Feb. 7
Feb. 14
Feb. 21
Feb. 28
1030am - 1120am
U6 Winter Clinic Session II (Aug.1, 2008 thru July 31, 2009) 1130am - 1220pm
U7 Winter Clinic Session II (Aug.1, 2007 thru July 31, 2008) 1230pm - 120pm

All players should bring the following to each session:

  • Size 3 regular soccer ball
  • Tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes (no cleats)
  • Shinguards
  • Water (no sugary drinks inside the facility)

The Winter Indoor Clinic Series is designed to help younger players improve technical skills during the cold weather months.  Each 50-minutes session will emphasize:

  • First touch
  • Striking the ball
  • Introduction to passing and shooting

If you have any questions, please email Coach Josh Crowder for more information.

Important Information Contained in Winter Indoor Clinic Time-Slot Confirmation Emails Sent to Parents of All Participants:

Important Information about the Winter Indoor Clinics to help make them a success..., and we will need your help and cooperation (it will take a village to succeed with the little ones as they need a lot of attention)...

All Sessions Start and End ON TIME:

 Please arrive a little early. We have a to work on a very strict time-table as we have 3 (back to back to back) sessions and will have lots of little ones coming and going.
This is why the clinic is 50 minutes in length so we can clear the gymnasium and get the next group going on time. We need your assistance in that (thank you).


There is no need to email us if your son or daughter cannot attend a clinic session.
We hope they can make them all, but we understand that children get sick sometimes during the winter months and at times your family may have another conflict that will prevent their attending every clinic – no worries...

Coaches to Assist... Want to help???:

All 50 minute clinic(s) have (20) children assigned to it. Lisa and I (when I’m there) will need some parents to assist us on the court to help herd the young ones and oversee the futsal style small-sided matches during the final 25 minutes of the clinic.
Would you like to help? Please email me directly and let me know. email Coach Josh Crowder

NO T-Shirts for the Winter Clinic Series:

One frequently asked question from last year is “when do we get our t-shirts” or “why don’t we have t-shirts”.
The club does not provide t-shirts for the clinic. We have to pay a rental fee to use the FitU facility per hour, this eliminates funds available to purchase t-shirts.
This is a “come as you are” clinic. Let your children wear their own soccer attire, shirts, etc. We will have pinnies available for when we play small-sided futsal during the final 25 minutes of the clinic.

What is our focus/objectives during the clinic?:

1. For your children to have FUN and foster a LOVE for the sport (futsal/soccer).
2. For your children to learn how to be comfortable with a soccer ball at their feet.
3. For your children to learn how to adjust to the speed of the ball on the basketball floor surface
    (it’s MUCH different that playing in the grass).
4. For your children to interact socially with other children and adults in a sporting environment (social growth).
5. For your children to be more confident with a soccer ball when the clinic series comes to an end.
If you have questions on anything not explained in this email, please feel free to email me.
Thank you for registering your son or daughter for the Winter Indoor Clinic Series!

Some Important Winter Indoor Clinic/Registration Notes:

1. When registering, you will be given the option in which group your player is eligible.  We do allow kids to "play-up" since we only take 20 kids per age group.
2. Unlike the SMYS outdoor recreational program, you will not be assigned a “team coach”, so you will not receive an email from a “team coach”. Simply show up at FitU at your assigned time for the clinic. Please be sure your children have a size 3 ball, shin guards, appropriate indoor shoes and water at every clinic.
3. The Winter Indoor Clinics are managed by the Winter Clinic Coordinator Coach Josh Crowder,who may or may not be present at every clinic. When possible, Coach Crowder will be present and run clinics with additional qualified coaches.
4.  There should be ample parking at FitU.  Please be careful in the parking lot.