Kiddie Kick (U04/U05)
Spring 2017

Spring 2017 U04/U05 Division (Kiddie Kick)

Important Program Information

Welcome to the St. Mary’s Soccer Kiddie Kick Division

The U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Division operates as a weekly clinic, one day per week, for a total of six sessions. Kiddie Kick is offered at Chancellor’s Run Regional Park, and Chaptico Park.

Note: You will be notified in advance of ANY changes via the SMS Broadcast Email and this webpage!

The U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Division offers four different programmatic sessions: Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening or Saturday Morning at Chancellors Run; Saturday Morning at Chaptico Park.  Your child will be assigned to the session you choose when you complete your online registration.

Session Times will be as follows:

Tuesday 1pm-2pm @ Chancellor's Run Regional Park Field #2

Tuesday 6pm-7pm @ Chancellor's Run Regional Park Field #2

Saturday 8am-9am @ Chancellor's Run Regional Park Field #2

Saturday 9am-10am @ Chaptico Park Field #2


Kiddie Kick

Session Date
Kiddie Kick Sessions - Spring 2017
Tuesday 1:00PM Session and Tuesday 6:00PM Session  
Session #1 April 4
Session #2 April 18
Session #3 April 25
Session #4 May 2
Session #5  May 9
Session #6  May 16
Makeup Date Tuesday 1pm-2pm May 23
Makeup Date Tuesday 6pm-7pm May 30
Saturday 8:00AM at CRRP and Saturday 9:00AM at Chaptico  
Session #1 April 1
Session #2 April 8
Session #3 April 22
Session #4 April 29
Session #5 May 6
Session #6 May 13
Makeup Date Session #6 CRRP and Chaptico May 20
Makeup Date Session #1 CRRP (only) June 3

The Kiddie Kick Coordinator will assist with the administration of the program.  If you have any questions, please contat the kiddie kick adminstrator at

WANT TO HELP?  Please register to volunteer here.  Each Kiddie Kick Team (there will be as many as 4 teams at each session) will need at least 6 volunteer parent coaches to work with the children at each session.

If you're interested in being a volunteer coach - please e-mail  Thank you for your consideration, there can be no Kiddie Kick without your involvement!


The first week/session can be a little hectic…, but things settle down once everyone understands the routine.  We will start early at the first session for some administrative items such as check-in, jersey distribution, and parent indoctrination.

Please arrive 30 minutes early for Session 1 (all groups).  PLEASE REMEMBER that you CANNOT just drop your child off and leave; a responsible adult must be at the field for the entire session. In case of bad or potential bad weather, check the website at for cancellations, since we cannot call everyone. If in doubt, please check the website.


All players are required to wear shin guards covered by  socks, sneakers (or cleats if you have them), and the Kiddie  Kick shirt (which you will receive at the first  session).  Your child will also need to have a size 3 soccer ball (marked with their name) and water bottle (marked with their name).


The Kiddie Kick Program’s main objective is to initiate a lifelong love of the game of soccer and to promote and emphasize the skill of dribbling, dribbling, dribbling, and more Dribbling.  Our young players need to learn to dribble with every part of the foot and within a variety of playing situations, such as  dribbling forward unopposed, changing speed and direction,  shielding the ball from opponents, dribbling past an  opponent, and using dribbling to get away from  pressure.  The ability to dribble is absolutely critical since dribbling is the foundation and preparation for the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as controlling, passing and shooting.


-    Warmup.  5 min prior to 5 min after start to get players warmed up and focused on soccer.

-    Body Awareness Games.  5-10 minutes – 1 or 2 activities that emphasize the use of body parts,  motion, coordination, and balance.  With and without the ball.

-    Maze Games.  15-20 minutes.  3 to 4 activities in which the player has the opportunity to  move in a 360 degree or circle environment with and without  the ball.  Not necessarily a specific target or boundary to go to, even though the area is defined.  These activities will allow the player to make decision while moving in all directions.

-    Target Games.  10-15 minutes.  2 to 3 activities that involve solving the objective of  going from point A to point B.  These activities are  directionally defined and can be done with or without the  ball.

-    Small Sided Games.  10-15 minutes.  We will start out with the players playing 1  v 1 and transition to 4 v 4 games in the later sessions.

-    Cool down.  1 to 2 minutes.


 The length of the clinic session will run approximately 1 hour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind that the entire clinic session can run anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. The length of each session depends on how much the children can handle at their age. Some can go longer than others depending on their day.