SMS Street Soccer
Summer Pickup Soccer

What is “Street Soccer”?

The concept of street soccer is to allow youth soccer players the freedom to play the game at the most basic simple form without any coaching or direction. To allow them to play and learn things on their own and try to be creative without comment, correction or criticism.

Street soccer is the most natural educational system that can be found, simply allowing the game to be the teacher. Allowing youth players to “discover” their own strengths, weaknesses and creativeness. To allow them to just love their own pure passion for the game!

This can only happen in an environment free from directing and coaching, not just from coaches, but from parental direction/comments as well while playing.

About 2015 SMS Street Soccer

St. Mary’s Soccer will kick off its 8th year of Street Soccer on Monday, July 6.  This year's program will be coordinated by Matt Geier.

SMS Street Soccer consists of pick-up style soccer games for players aged U6 to U14, where everyone plays, all of the time (field space permitting), in small-sided games. There will be supervision by a few coaches, but it will be a relaxed atmosphere in which the players simply play, enjoy the game and learn how to be creative on their own, allowing the game to be the teacher.

The objective of this program is to give kids unstructured soccer playtime with "silent" sidelines, similar to backyard games with their friends. Coaches and parents are asked to refrain from commenting, directing during the time the children are playing.

The SMS coaches that are there, are there to help simply organize, get games going and to provide supervision and safety.

There is no charge for this program and the only requirements are that the players come with normal appropriate soccer attire (shin guards/socks and appropriate soccer attire – no jewelry or clothing with zippers/pockets will be allowed). If players have jerseys from their favorite International, or club teams (MLS, La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, etc.) we encourage them to come out in all types of soccer jersey’s to create a real “soccer” atmosphere!  We also ask that each player bring a light and dark colored jersey so when we split them into teams it's easier to identify who is on which team.

Each player should bring enough water for their own personal consumption!

Parents please check the website ( before leaving home to ensure the night’s games have not been cancelled due to weather.


Small-sided games in a 4v4 format will always be used when practical. In some cases, based on numbers of children available, this may have to be modified (preferably to 3v3), but we will try to never to play more than 4v4 to allow for maximum touches, space and ability to be creative.

SMS will provide pinnies for each small-sided field and teams will take turns during each match wearing them allowing for each of them to show off their jerseys too.

Coaches/organizers will attempt to start/end all matches at the same time allowing for rotating of fields, water breaks and social interaction between the children. Length of matches will be a straight 15 minute period, then water break and rotating players.

Age-Ranges/Eligibility SMYS Street Soccer is open to all active SMYS (Travel/RecPlus and Rec) players in age groups U6 – U14, boys and girls.

This year's schedule will be as follows...

Note: All games will be at the LEONARD HALL from 630 to 8 PM

Monday - July 6
Monday - July 13
Monday - July 20
Monday - July 27
Monday - August 3
Monday - August 10

There will be no make-ups if there is rainouts.  In case of inclement weather, please check the website @