T R A V E L  P R O G R A M

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2014 (U10 GIRLS and U13 BOYS and U14 BOYS) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2014 (U17 BOYS and U16/17GIRLS and U17/18 GIRLS)

SMS Travel Program is scheduling one supplemental tryout for any SMS Travel team looking to possibly roster additional players for the spring 2015 season. Each team participating in the supplmental tryouts have open roster spot(s) and are considering rostering additional players. This will be the only supplemental tryout conducted by the SMS Travel Program for the Spring 2015 season.

Tryout times are listed  below.  Any changes will be listed @ www.playSMYS.org.

It’s requested that a parent accompany their child during the registration process.  The registration process is as follows:

Downloand and complete the SMS Travel Prgram tryout registration form and bring with you the day of tryouts to expedite the check in process.  Registration forms will be available at the tryout registration table(s) and will need to be completed prior to completing the check in process. There is no charge  to participate in the supplemental tryout.

Proof of age is requird for all players accepting a travel roster spot.   Proof-of-age can be demonstrated using a birth certificate, passport, military dependent ID, driver’s permit or license or previous MSYSA player card.  Proof of age will be submitted during the carding process in January, but will NOT be required at the tryout.

Location, schedue, participating teams, gender and Age group (Date of birth range)  for  this tryout are as follows:

LOCATION: Leonardhall Soccer Field and Meidinski Park Area

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Registration: 1:00p.m.
Tryout: 1:30 p.m. to 3:00p.m.

BOYS Under 10 United Academy Date of Birth Range Aug. 1 2004 to July 31, 2005 (JUST ADDED 12/11/14)
GIRLS Under 10 Storm Classic Date of Birth Range Aug 1, 2004 to July 31 2005
BOYS Under 13 Rampage Classic Date of Birth Range Aug 1, 2001 to July 31, 2002
BOYS Under 14 Dyanmo Classic Date of BIrth Range Aug 1, 2000 to July 31, 2001

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Registration 10:00 a.m.
Tryout:10:30a.m. to 12:00p.m.

GIRLS Under 16/17 Wild Furies Date of Birth Range Aug 1,1997 to July 31, 1999
BOYS Under 17 Fusion Classic Date of Birth Range  Aug 1, 1997 to July 1, 1998
GIRLS Under 17/18 Rockets Date of Birth Range Aug 1, 1996 to July 31, 1998
BOYS Under 19  Rage Date of Birth Range Aug 1 1995 to July 31,1997 (JUST ADDED 12/1/14)

Each player will be provided a numbered tryout pennie for use as part of the tryout and will be given to the player at the check in process following receipt of a completed tryout registration form.  This pennie must be worn to all tryout sessions, however, the player CANNOT take it home.  It is NOT the property of the player.  If a player loses the pennie, a fee of $35 will be assessed.

Players need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tryout start time and are responsible for bringing the following to each tryout:

a. Appropriate athletic attire and footwear. (No zippers on clothing, shorts in particular.)

b. A ball (size 5 ), marked with the player’s name in indelible marker and properly inflated.

c. Shin guards (required, players will not be allowed to tryout without them).

d. Personal water.

Player’s outerwear cannot be Club or State attire.  Any player showing up wearing Club or State attire will be asked to change, if they cannot they will not be allowed to participate in the tryouts.

SMS Travel Program has a policy of age appropriate play, meaning players will try out and play on age. 

During the tryout process players are evaluated by a panel of coaches and if a player is identified by the evaluating panel as having the potential of playing one age group up they will make the appropriate recommendation to the SMS Travel Program Vice President during the day’s evaluation recap.  If the SMS Travel Program Vice President agrees with the recommendation the player will be contacted to determine interest in this opportunity.  Once made, the decision is final.

NOTE: No underage players are eligible to play on a "B" Classic team.

For any quetions, please conatact Alan Buster, SMU President

Travel Select Coaches Sought for Fall 2015 Season
Resumes deadlines are listed below

St. Mary’s Soccer's (SMS) Select Travel Program is now accepting Coaches applications for the Fall 2015 through the Spring 2016 season.  An applicant may apply for any age group(s) team. Specific current openings are:

 U9 Boys

U9 Girls


SMS Travel Program teams play in U-9 through U18 age divisions in both NCSL (Boys),  WAGS (Girls) and BBSL (Boys) leagues.


Head Coaches are required to have previous soccer coaching experience; playing experience is preferred as well. Coaching licensure (E license or equivilent) is required for all travel had cocahes per MSYSA policy. SMS Travel Program requires that the D license be attained within the first year of travel coaching.

The Club does reimburse for approved license expenses.


In preparation for the planned  formation of  new U9 teams( at least one boys and one girls) as well as a second team in any age / gender group during May/June 2015 tryouts, SMS Travel Program is seeking qualified coaches resumes. Chosen candidates will be interviewed prior to tryouts. For a second team to be formed, there must be enough quality players  as determined by the tryout evaluation panel.


U9 Coach candidates- please forward a resume  no later than 2/28/15

All other age group coach candidates- please forward your resume no later than 5/1/15


Please send soccer /coaching resume to Alan Buster, SMS Travel Program Vice- President. 


St. Mary's Soccer Travel Program News

St. Mary’s Soocer's (SMS) Travel Program is the select traveldivision of SMS soccer.  Player development is a primary focus of SMS TRavel Soccer Program.  Currently club sponsored teams compete in the area’s two premier leagues: Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS) and the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL).  

All SMS TRavel Program coaches are licensed through the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association or National Soccer Coaches Association as well as background check approved.

Teams form each May / June as a result of tryouts for scheduled league play in the following Fall through Spring Seasons. Tryout results are derived from a coach’s panel evaluation system during the scheduled tryout. All players must tryout to be selected to play with a SMS TRavel Program team.

 Occasionally a team may need to pick up a player between the Fall and Spring Seasons during a scheduled Supplemental Tryout. Tryout announcements are posted on this website. Please consult the links to the left for information on teams.

For more information about St. Mary’s Soccer TRavel Program, contact the SMS TRavel Vice President, Alan Buster